“These guys rock! Love their choice of songs, we’ve heard a lot of them but not played like this before. Very cool.” --Larry G.

“BeachDogs have so much fun when they play that it’s contagious. The crowd always gets into it.” --Marie T.

"We had such a good time last night that we want to book the band for a private party in the neighborhood. I know that’ll be an awesome time.” --Renee P.

“When I heard the name BeachDogs I thought maybe it was a surfer band. No chance, they play all sorts of kinds of music, love to listen and dance to these guys.” --Billy D.

"Any band that can string together “Dead Skunk” and “Dead Flowers into one song and make it work has my vote!” --Jim H.

“OMG, they really sing good. Not the Stones but they'll do. And the club  totally likes them and has a great time when they play here.” --Helen S.

“Not the typical bar band crap. Their songs are cool.” --Sandy A.

The BeachDogs band.
Call Rik @ 954-290-1845